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Essential Maintenance for Peace of Mind

Our Basic Vehicle Care Package is designed to provide your vehicle with the fundamental care it needs to run smoothly and reliably. All Fix Automotive, we prioritize your vehicle’s health and safety.

Up to 5 Litres of Premium Engine Oil: Your engine’s lifeline, filled with top-tier oil to optimize performance and protection.

Oil Filter: An essential component for maintaining clean, efficient engine oil.

6-Point Vehicle Inspection: An initial check for safety and performance.

With our Basic Vehicle Care Package, you can rest assured that your vehicle is receiving essential care to keep it running smoothly. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking fundamental maintenance to maintain reliability and safety.


  • Up to 5 litres of premium engine oil
  • Premium oil filter
  • 6 Point Vehicle Inspection

6 Points Vehicle Inspection

Operational check

Your car’s regular parts, like seat belts, lights, wipers with washers and arm mechanisms, and horns, will be examined. The housing and air/cabin filters will also be examined.

Suspension System Check

Joints and bearings in your vehicle will be checked for any leaks.

Brake Wear Recommendation

You can get an accurate measurement from us. The condition of the fluid will also be checked.

Tyre Pressure and Tread Wear Check

The condition, pressure and tread wear of your tyres (including the spare) will be inspected to ensure that it is up to the legal standard.

Inspection of Underbody

A visual inspection will be conducted for leaks from your engine, exhaust system, fuel line and gearbox.

Fluids Check and Topup

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our fluids check and top-up service. We ensure your engine oil, steering oil, Break oil & Viper water fluids are at optimal levels for peak performance.

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